Friday, March 25, 2011

Multiple postings

 I have been writing much more than usual! With this streak mentality, (5 in a row!), I have been blogging a bunch! I have enjoyed reading your blogs, I am excited for many of you, you've been training so well and this Spring you're going to bust it!! Truly our sport is special. I love it for its solitude and camaraderie. I love it for its results and benefits, I love because it sets me apart and defines me in many ways. Running is freeing, escaping, liberating, relieving, and gratifying. It is addictive, and when you experience the "runners high" you hunger for more.
  I sure hope I will find myself out on the roads when I am 60, 70, or even 80.
   Today was a mediocre day on the roads, not great, not bad, but I was able! 5 in a row...up to 18.46 miles this week....I wonder if I can manage one Sunday?? Peace!

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lindsay said...

i have to agree... i get excited and anxious for blog friends before their races! i don't have kids but i imagine it's kinda like seeing your own kids perform and excel :)


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