Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Post 501

I noticed that yesterday I wrote my 500th post....a blog is really a great resource. So many of you are such gifted bloggers...I envy your web pages and writing ability! I am one of the mundane, yet it takes all kinds to make the world go 'round!
  Today is a Spring day!! My neighbor said "plants is buddin' out" I do live in the Ozarks you know!
 I have an additional 150 trees coming from the conservation dept. You ought to see my two year saplings!! I'll post some pics soon. I am starting to rebuild some consistency to my running! Two days in a row!! 3.2 easy miles today in the wonderful beauty of the Ozark hills! Peace!


Marlene said...

Wow, 500 posts! It's been fun to get to know you and follow alonf on your journey - nothing mundane about that!

Would love to see how those saplings are doing!

lindsay said...

You are not mundane - short and to the point! I am too wordy... Happy 501+!

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