Wednesday, March 2, 2011

3 in a row!!!

  I'm streakin'!!! Three runs in a row! WOW!! It's an amazing feat!! I have been so inconsistent this is nearly a miracle! I really felt good today, too. Man I love running!
   I saw in the obits today a Boyscout buddy of mine passed away....he was always the rich kid, he lived a pretty "easy" life. Never had to really work, his obit said his hobby was gambling....we were tent mates at camp every year. I remember a big fight we got into that caused us to go our separate ways, I feel kinda' bad I never made it right with learn from it, hey?
  Well, since  I am still alive I plan on enjoying every day to the fullest.....good quote I came across today; "The most dangerous place you can be is in your comfort zone!" Peace!


Terri said...

Love that quote Mark! Your post makes me think of a book I read recently by John Piper titled "Don't Waist Your Life" pretty convicting about what one does with the time they have on this earth.

Marlene said...

Well done on 3 days in a row!

Sorry to read about your old friend. It's always hard to read news like that.

Anne said...

Sounds like your old Boy Scout buddy lived life on his own terms, which can sometimes carry a heavy price. I love the quote too ... I may have to make it my new mantra.


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