Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I've got motivation?

This idea of streaking.....it helps me get on the roads. The only prob I have is Sunday. I am always so exhausted from teaching, preaching, shepherding, I find it very difficult to work in a 30 min run...but I plan on trying!!
  So far 6 runs out of last seven days!!! Back up to 2 in a row! Guess what? My trees are budding out!!! This could be shaping up to be an exceptional; growing year! Peace!


Jill said...

Keep up the streak, Mark - just get it done early so you can have the rest of Sunday to recoup.

Blooming trees are gorgeous, but man my allergies are starting to act up. Last night I had the sinus HA from hell!

Marlene said...

I would suggest an early morning run on Sunday, also! Keep it going!!

lindsay said...

Whatever keeps you trucking! Streaks are good way to push yourself--hope you can make it work on Sunday :)

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