Tuesday, March 29, 2011

There is always a ray of hope!

  Today in the gloom and gray of this cold spring day I ventured out for a run. The facts are most of the time I'm feeling old and slow, sore and creaky, yet today I sensed a spurt of youth, a renewal of vim, a sense of hope even in the midst of the graying....as I was pushing up a hill on W south I saw something....a beautiful red dogwood bursting in bloom, standing out in the world of brown and gray that surrounded it....then another one...and another one....and my heart was glad!!! There is hope!!
  My load lightened and my pace quickened....I had found the joy of hope....thanks running!
  Another 3.2 miles...so the streak goes..two in a row...:) Peace!


Marlene said...

What a great feeling when everything "clicks" and you feel like you could run all day.

I can't wait for signs of spring!

DawnB said...

it is wonderful when we have a good run and feel great afterwards makes up for the not so good ones

Jill said...

Spring has such a great way of making us have a little bit of extra zip, huh!?!? If I just didn't sneeze at all those budding trees!! :)

Leslie said...

There is always a reason to hope. Spring is coming and we will have great day again jogging around the court.

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