Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday morning, cold and overcast. I was wondering about how to dress for the Marathon if it is this cool. Yesterday was a good day. We did have a sad time, though. One of our dear friends died yesterday afternoon. Sandy and I have found that the ministry can bring great sorrow in the heart, not just with the dealings of people, which causes sorrow for ever getting in the ministry, but when you develop real relationships that have real love. We so loved this dear one who died.
Yet we rejoice for her race is done! She has gone home!
Well this is Marathon week. I'm on vacation. My back is sore? Sciatica flared? I'm just a little apprehensive, I guess. Will I run it, or will I just finish? Dr. George Sheehan, in his book "Running and being" tells the story of running a race "lukewarm". He started easy, and at the turn gave it his all. He finished well, but knew in his heart he had run the race lukewarm, not giving it his all.
I want to run allout! Just like I live life! Today is an easy 4 miler! Maybe I'll golf this week??

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