Thursday, October 23, 2008

11 days to the marathon. I ran a solid 10k yesterday. A mile warm-up then I tried to establish a steady marathon pace. I knocked off five miles with each mile getting faster, but was pretty done in when I finished. Best mile at 8:54.

I'm having some thoughts about my ability to break four hours. My body is tired and sore, and I was hoping the taper would give me time to heal but the aches seem more prevalent.

I know that this is negative thinking and concern for surviving the distance. I want to win!! I want to break four hours and I know it will take everything I have in me.

Well, my sweetheart and I are off to Branson today. We will see my wonderful niece, then go do some shopping. Sandy needs to have some down time. I get today off! No running. Only five runs until the race!!

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