Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well the Bass Pro Marathon is 12 days away. First marathon in three years, and only third one I've run. I have dropped 16 pounds, spent hours on the road, and rediscovered my passion.
I love to run! The road is where life can be enjoyed and explored. Our minds can wander or focus, we can escape or debate, we can fantasize and romanticize, we can discover the way when we run!
I have been somewhat obsessed with the taper. I have the first printing of "The Competitive runners handbook" ( I bought it way back in the 80's) so I followed the advice and structured a two week taper (10K today with 4miles marathon pace) only to find out now a three week taper is suggested! Oops!
I ran a 20 miler, and did Yassos in the third week! Notching 46 miles.
Well off to my office for a spell, then out to run. Today I will win! I will keep a determination to excel in every aspect of life, from eating to thinking and everything in between! I'll be thinking about pacing strategy as I run today, and also about my life as a leader.

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