Saturday, October 25, 2008

What a beautiful morning! I have quite the busy Saturday. The Bluegrass band I'm in will play at a church festival today. It will be cool to say the least. (Currently 40 degrees)
I still have to go over Sundays sermon, and get in a five miler, all the while not neglecting my time with my wonderful wife.
Man, yesterdays run was so encouraging to me! An easy 4 miler is all I wanted and my body felt fairly rested (some quad soreness still) I took off! Ran it in 34 minutes! I had to continually reign myself in. The carbs are being loaded, the body hydrated, the taper seems to be working well. My stomach still gnaws between meals. Why am I so hungry?
I really must be careful in the Marathon. I can see how I could start to fast after yesterdays run. Today I continue to live surrendered and compassionate, pursuing all Christ has for me.

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