Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stupid Steep-PW

Well, being the writer I am, I had to name the course I ran this morning. I call it "Stupid Steep", and boy howdy were there steeps!! Yet hills are the great equalizer and we all had to deal. This is not a PR course. As a matter of fact I'd never run a HM slower than 1:55 until today! So today marked my personal worse HM.

I picked up the young man I've been encouraging to run, Jason, and we made it to the race location to find mass confusion! Several conflicting instructions as to what line we needed to be in....and that was an indicator that the facilitating of the event was novice to say the least. The race actually started a half hour late and that surely frustrated some folks. Not only that, this is funny, finally ready to start, right, the race director yells go! People start running, the guy working the finish blows the horn and calls everyone back! False start!! You should of seen the mayhem! People resetting watches, getting back in place....oh well, maybe the Director learned something?

Seeing as I was out only 20 days from the Bass Pro Marathon I decided to take it easy and go as I felt. Becky, a friend and the fastest masters female within 500 miles, told me I was in for some hills.

I won't bore you with the mile by mile details, but the first mile was basically uphill and I notched a 10:42. I knew I was not up for a good time. I got into a rhythm and held it all the way.

I flew the downs when I could...some were so steep it was impossible to let go. I had to walk some ups, 24% grades!

Jason took off! He got second place in his division! I'm proud of him. He could be a great runner! He beat the old man today by 6 or 7 minutes! Around four miles he said to me "I'm going to take this hill!" That's the last I saw of him until the finish.

One thing I like about races? Even when they are discombobulated! The people! I met and reconnected with some great folks today! Runners are the best! That's one reason I blog, you all! You're the best!! Met Gary, big time marathoner, has run Boston several times. Libby, a beautiful young lady that is a fantastic runner! She knocked off a 1:52 on this course! Plus, get this, she's my neighbor!!!! Lives 2 or 3 miles north.

Jessica, another young lady who achieved her goal of 2:30, way to go Jessica! Janet, a school teacher, running the 5K. She's lost 50 lbs!!! She's hooked on running! Becky, Ted, and many others. One other thing....the refreshments, slim pickin's, were in the Y's gym. I saw a Basketball and a goal! I nailed three out of four jumpers! I figured I could take anyone there one on one!:)

So I'm back. I needed this run-Totals 13.1 miles/ 2:10:36/9:57's-hope all's well with you Peace!!


Meg Runs said...

Great observations about races, they bring us altogether don't they? I love seeing old friends and reconnecting and seeing new runners getting out there too. Sounds like you had fun and that was great for Jason, he'll be hooked for sure! Happy weekend!

Tim F. said...

Great recap. It sounds like you had a great time! Way to go even if not your best time. Races are great.

kara said...

I hate disorganized starts! I like to start my race in a peaceful serene state... - LOL Yeah right.
Congrats on your race, sounded like a tough course.

Suzy said...

I think racing isn't just about timing (that could be because I'm slow); a lot of it is about the people, getting together, and connecting over something we all love. Good to hear that you are back - and so soon after your marathon!

Marlene said...

Sounds like it was a tough day and a tough course. Congrats on pushing through and completing another half marathon - PR or PW, it is still an achievement!

Hopefully they'll be a little more organized next year!

Beth said...

Great race report! I love that, even though it was a tough course, you had a positive experience because of all of the people. I think the false start is hilarious! Boy, if you thought it was a hilly course, I would be toast! Congrats!


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