Monday, March 26, 2012

The trouble with running

  It's addictive! Running can surly overtake your whole life! It can reprioritize and replace and it can be a driving passion. I've been so obsessed that I have a 1186 day running streak in the ended May 5th 1999.
  Yet over the years I've learned that there is a need for discipline in not allowing running to dominate my life. It's tough but if you don't get control you'll eventually burn out and your running will only be a distant memory.
  So the balance has to be learned. I'm refering to that balance now in my training as my life as a Husband, Father, Pastor, all have to come before Runner. Yet they all blend into one person....I can still be a runner even if I miss an important work out.
  I can still run well even if I don't adhere to a strict regime of training and diet. I can still race well...even better if I learn to let the pressure off!
  So it goes in this training cycle. I seek balance and I pursue the dream! Breaking 4 hrs in the marathon!
  So today I start a recovery week with a race slated for Saturday. The race will be an all out effort in a HM. I hope to get in under 1:55. Boy a 1:50 would be a dream!
  Today 1 mile warm and cool- 5.5 miles @ HM pace-7.1mph, 1 degree incline-totals: 7.55 miles 68 minutes. Tomorrow an outdoor reco run....hope all is well with you! Peace!


Meg said...

Amen! Well said. Balance in all things. Great post, Mark!

Johann said...

Fantastic post! This relates well with my current blog post. I've been guilty of running addiction for many years and need balance and priorities sorted out regularly.


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