Monday, March 12, 2012

Back to it!

 The vacation is over.....waaaah! my vacations are seldom real get aways....I still have to deal with many ministry issues....however we did manage a nice visit with family and a couple of days out of town. I managed to get 24 more trees in the ground yesterday and as soon as I'm done here I will try for a few more....prob around 100 left to plant...
  I hadn't run for 4 days!!!! Wow!! Longest off span since way back in early October. I have learned over the years that you cannot make up the lost miles so I just jumped right back in the program and had an excellent effort today. 12.03 miles in 1:54. I did 8 miles @ MP (6.6mph @ 1 degree incline, 9:05's).
  I felt good cardio wise but my feet got tired? Wondering about the Kayanos? Maybe they aren't right for me anymore? Thinking about experimenting with another shoe....any suggestions?
  So, I hope to squeeze in a little reco run tomorrow and Wednesday looks like a tempo run. Busy, busy, busy! Hope you are well! Peace!


Marlene said...

Glad you enjoyed a little bit of down time, and nice progress on your trees! Bring on the rain.

I love my kayanos but only for short distances.

lindsay said...

i've been wearing wave riders for ever, so i'm not sure i could offer any other suggestions!

where do you plant these trees? on your property? church property? around town for the community? just curious -- sounds like a LOT of trees!

Mark said...

Linsay, I own 4.6 acres that I am reforseting....building windbreaks and wildlife habitat.

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