Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Keep on Crankin'!

   Well I have over 250 more saplings to get in the ground asap. I managed 50 today. Boy howdy is that hard work! My hands are sore from swinging the pick ax and my back is tired.....even so I had a 5 mile tempo run @ HM pace to get done. I sliced down the warm-up and cool down D to 1 mile and I was able to complete the workout. The pace was 7.1mph @ 1 degree incline-8:27's. I really felt good but right towards the end I WAS done! I think planting the trees taxed me some:) But I love my trees! Now I am praying for rain! It is supposed to rain tonight and that would really be excellent for the babies!
  I am weighing in @ 171lbs consistently....seems these last 6 lbs are going to be tough. I am at fighting weight right now but the loss of 6 more would be great! I am so excited about the next few days as I get to see my grandson. My son and Daughter-in-law, too!
  I hope to get back to tree planting Sunday.
    I was going over marathon race times @ Little Rock for several club members. They all faded terribly on the last 10K. This has happened to me a lot! This is why I believe in the importance of the long run, and not just LSD but at least no slower than 10% slower than race pace. I am already looking forward to my 20 miler comin' up! Peace!!!


Johann said...

Great going Mark! I think the last bit of weight is always difficult but also healthy if it goes slowly. That is a lot of tress to plant. Hope it rains!

Marlene said...

Back at the tree planting! I hope you get lots of rain to help them grow.

Nice work getting that tempo run done. You are at fighting weight and you're a fighter!

Anne said...

That's a lot of hard work. Better workout than at the gym too. Hope the visit with your grandson went well for you.

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