Monday, March 5, 2012

Long Run

  I prepared for today's run by hydrating all day yesterday and taking in some extra calories. I planned on a "base pace" long run of 18 miles at a 1 degree incline. The "base pace" is any where between 5.9mph (10:10's) and 6.5mph (9:13's),
  So after a 12 minute warm-up I started at 6mph and increased .1mph every 12 minutes up to 6.5 and repeated until finishing the work out.
  I felt real good cardio wise but my feet are not used to the distance and they started to hurt a bit....I finished the 18 miles in 2:53:58. For me this is really good. I rarely if ever have done a long run at sub 10 average. This figures a 9:39 per mile pace.
  I continue to thin down and I feel confident in my training plan. I will miss three days this week as I will be having family time....much more important than training time!
  I still got the 18 miler in and Wednesday I hope to get a tempo run in the books. Then Sunday I could run a 6-8 mile GA run and still have a great week.
 I really have race fever! My next one for sure is 3/31.....a HM. I plan on running that puppy all out. Hope you are well! Peace!


Marlene said...

You continue to improve! I predict good things at your upcoming half marathon!

Love to Run said...

Awesome Long Run Mark. I don't know how you do it (or anyone for that matter), running that far on a tradmill, but kudo's to you for doing it.


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