Saturday, March 17, 2012

Speed play in a sweat box

  So I am sticking with my plan.....a slow transition back to the roads, continue treadmill runs...I did two road runs of short distance this week and 3 treadmill runs. Today I did my speed work on the treadmill. My 'mill sits in the back corner of the garage...a two car affair....I opened the door and let the steamy March air in and enjoyed a very warm run!
  We all know heat slows us down and I could def tell that the heat was affecting me but I completed my planned run. 1 mile warm and cool; then 1.875 miles @ HM pace..2 min reco..1 mile @ 10K pace..2min reco...1K @ 5K pace...2 min reco....1/2 mile @ 3K pace.
  Finished in 61 minutes 6.48 miles. I have made quite a transformation since October. Down 15 pounds, running faster paces than I have in ages, and still motivated! I have a targeted race coming March 31st. A Half-Marathon that I plan on running at all out effort. I have a very important run Monday-a 20 miler. That will be treadmilled. Well my beloved Tigers lost yesterday so I will pull for the underdog, whomever that will be...Peace!

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Marlene said...

That's a great idea to let some of that fresh (although warm) air in. i should try setting up my bike trainer in the garage on a rainy day.


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