Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Speed play down played

   So this is a race week and a recovery week? Try to figure that out!:) I have decreased mileage in the tempo run, and in today's speed work: 1 x 2K @ HM pace, 1 x 1 mile @ 10K pace, 1 x 1K A 5K pace, 1 x .5 miles @ 3K pace....2 min recover between and a mile warm and cool= 56 minutes 6.03 miles.
  Tomorrow I will do a short outdoor reco run and I will not run on Friday. I have set high goals for this HM on Saturday. I really want to break 1:55. I may not have done a very good mini-taper but this will be an all out race effort.
  I am dealing with some traditional marathon pains....left ankle/achilles area sore...right lower buttocks soreness....otherwise I'm ready to go!
  The forecast is for scattered showers and low temps in the 60's so this will be a warm day. I'm excited....I wonder what I can do? Hope all is well with you! Peace!

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Jill said...

Oh, those pre-marathon aches and pains are common, as you know. I wonder if it's just our body's way to tell us we've slowed down and it doesn't know how to respond - haha. Can't wait for your race!!! Do well! :)


     Oh my! The weather is spectacular! I managed another 30 minute run. So 5 short runs this week. Just kind of maintaining! Hope you are ...