Friday, March 2, 2012

Much better

After two days in a funk I seem to be regaining strength. I was really tired, hungry, and sleepy for the last two days.....there seems to be lots of sickness swirling around me!!!!
  I managed two very ugly jaunts on the treadmill during that time....probably should of just slept! However today seems to be a different matter. I hopped on the mill with renewed vigor and had a solid GA run (general aerobic) I managed 60 minutes and 6.48 treadmiles. So looks like I might be rebounding. I will continue the easy week tomorrow and gear up for the long run on Monday. That will be crucial in my training plan...seeing as how I will miss around 3 days of training next week I need that long run!
  On another note we experienced bad storms the other night....tornadoes all around us! Spring is definitely coming early! I have 150+ trees on the way, too!!!! You all know I love trees and I know I need to get some pics up of how some of my first plantings are doing....peace!!!

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