Saturday, December 11, 2010

Speed work Saturday

  Have I told you how much I love Summer? I'm trying to keep a good attitude with this nasty weather we are having! High winds and low temps made me resort to the treadmill. I put it on .5 incline and did a solid warm-up. Then 3X1 miles @ 7.5 mph with a 2 min rest. I really felt good and I am a believer in treadmill training. I do long for warmth and think, Winter has not even started yet!!!
  I totaled 18.1 miles this week and I continue to climb....Little Rock is still a possibility!:)


Marlene said...

Nice job on the speed work, Mark!

Tim F said...

Way to go on the speed work

Summer already!

              We have gone from Winter to Summer in the blink of an eye!! I am not complaining because I am a Summer baby! We have been get...