Friday, December 17, 2010

The easy way out!

  So it's cold and!? Back in the day I'd brave the elements I find the allure of the the comfortable confines of my home I can run!
  Sure it's a different running....yet it still burns calories and trains the heart/lungs. I decided on an 8 miler with one mile warm up one cool down. The six in between were 3 x 6.6mph. 2 x 6.7 mph, 1 x 7.0 mph. All on 1 degree incline. I broke a good sweat and held on real well. I really need to take it to the's just not the same. However, the hills + treadmill ought to = strong running! We will see.....1:15:45-8 miles. Peace!!!

1 comment:

Johann said...

With winters like you get there the treadmill is a good option. I'm lucky I don't need one. Take care!


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