Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Birthday Suit!?

 Hills have amazing power!!! Hills give the gift that keeps on giving! Hills make curves! I was showing Sandy how hills seem to be sculpting my body in new ways....she wasn't impressed! But it's true!!! I have noticed how I am maintaining body weight and narrowing more in the mid-section. The foam roller has REALLY helped the hammies...no discomfort!!
  Today I shaved 3:13 off of my 12 x med hills...it's a .17 mile hill btw...I did a 54:36, with the last repeat (down and up together) at a PR of 3:47!! I am feeling real good about myself! I really have a dream of running another marathon...looks like a 7 miler is next on my schedule. Yesterday was a long ole day as I drove up and back to St. Louis to be with some of my dear friends and officiate the funeral. What an awesome family these folks are, I have never attended such an amazing ceremony! A great celebration, and the deceased left such an inspiring and solid legacy! Live life to the fullest!! Take the hill! Peace!


Johann said...

Great positive post, love it! You are doing great, keep it going!

Anne said...

I'm so glad to hear that all that hill work is paying off for you. And what a nice attitude to view the passing of a loved one as a celebration. What a wonderful officiant you must be.

lindsay said...

LOL. Poor mark, wife doesn't even notice your trim-ness! Probably cause you always look good to her :)

Congrats on the hill-PR!

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