Tuesday, February 3, 2009

R and R Tuesdays

Rest and recovery- that is part of the running math formula I am developing. R&R is absolutely essential, especially for us oldsters.

I feel very well today after setting the PR for "Battlefield Hills" and the trails were even slick and snow covered in places so the running was difficult and treacherous at times.

One of the hardest things to do, I think, in Marathon training, is getting to the starting line healthy. I have the tendency to over train. I am always monitoring my heartrate, you? I've learned that this is an excellent indicator of how the body is doing. Remember the will (in some) can sometimes outrun/overrun the body!

I had a high mileage month in January-142.2 miles. That puts me at 16,749.4 lifetime (told you I was obsessive). So the big 17,000 is coming up!! My fav NASCAR driver #17!

So I look forward to a good speedwork session Saturday. The 30th annual "Polar Bear Run" will take place in Bolivar Mo. That's Ball iver, a small College town 40 miles north. Weather forecast-45 the low, 60's the high!! Polar Bears head north!! Why do it solely as a training run? The idea of racing! The adrenaline, the test, the challenge, the goal, the extra push to attain to an ultimate effort that I can't fudge! Plus, I like to have fun! I'm going to let the bear jump on my back so I can push back the LT-another aspect of the formula.

Enough rambling, time to get to work. Have a good one!


Shilingi-Moja said...

Those are some major miles for January! You're no more obsessive on keeping track than I am -- you've just been at it longer.

Thanks for popping by my blog this morning.

Love to Run said...

17,000 for you life? How on Earth do you know that? You kept track the entire time? Unbelievable!!! yet really cool to know. I was just going to ask God when I die what my total was, less work.

Kenseth, from my neck of the woods!

Mark said...

I like both your blogs-I get a lot out of them, thanks! I've always kept a log book, or a calendar. It's kinda cool to go back and read how I ran, example- Feb 3rd 1987-50 degrees, sunny, says " I relaxed and went at a slow pace" 5.2 miles in 45:35.24-8:45's! That's fast now!!-2,450.3 in lifetime.
Go Matt!!

Love to Run said...


I still have some of my weekly logs my coach required us to keep in colleg on the track team. Now if I really want to depressmyself on how much I have slowed down, I can finsd those and read them. That was 1989 through 1993. Oh the Glory Days!

Thomas said...

It's all relative. Like you, I always have an eye on my HR but I do generally know from the way I am feeling if I'm overdoing it or not. I found that the HR on EASY runs is the best indicator. But I don't regard 142 miles in a single month as high ...

Mark said...

I think I remember seeing you put in over 300 miles in Jan? That is unreal to a joe like me. I will pay attention to my heart rate on easy runs. I get a lot out of your blog. Keep up the great training, and look out Boston!

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