Saturday, February 7, 2009

One down...

The first race to the "Race" is under my belt. Unofficial time is 50:15.51 for the 10K. That's averaging 8:06 per mile. A long way from the 42's and 43's I used to put up. The course was basically flat except for the first mile which had a long downhill, this was out and back so I knew what to expect for the last mile. The wind is howling out of the south with the warm temps at around 20-30 mph, so this was a factor at times.
It's good to be back in the running community. I saw several friends, and made a few new ones. A guy by the name of Brian, carrying a backpack the whole race-preparing for a trail run of some sort. The pack weighted twelve lbs! His wife, a fine runner, Tim, John, Rod, and Mike were the new folks I met. I now have their names memorized and I will remember them next race.
We talked about running and racing afterwards, I was even invited to join a running group!
The first mile of the race was probably the slowest for me, 8:26. The start was 10K and 5K so it was crowded, prob 200 folks. It was in the first mile I saw the dude that has been passing me in the last few races. I keyed on him, eventually deciding to pass him, it just wasn't fast enough? By the way. I beat him like a drum!!
The next two miles I kept the pace where Donald suggested-" a manageably uncomfortable pace the whole way." I could feel in my tired quads the Lactic acid but I held on. The turn was in 25:03.57 or 8:05's-the 2.1 mile stretch was in 7:55's. Here I was really cruising-right at the LT I was looking for. Mile four I was at 32:45, I ran with a young lady for a while and we helped each other along, but apparently I slowed significantly! I thought about this moment...I should have passed her and moved on! The hill arrived and she left me as I was simply maintaining this level of effort. Not all out race, but holding to where I could feel the LT. The last 2.2 was in 17:29.10 or 7:56's. The hill and the wind cost a little but I didn't push it! I could have kicked but I knew I'd met my goal so I kept the same effort through the finish.
All in all I am pleased, but as usual I am thinking "Man! Only 15 second from breaking 50 min!"
Long run is up for Monday. My goal is 20 miles. Marathon day is creeping up! The time I ran today says, according to McMillan, I should be able to run a 3:55.49.
Hope all is well with you-Peace


robtherunner said...

Nice job on the race and welcome back to the running community.

Love to Run said...

Excellent race! I bet it felt really good to get back into racing. Even though I have done a lot of marathons over the past year, I miss doing more of those shorter races 10K's and 5K's

Sub 4 is right around thr corner!

kara said...

Nothing wrong with that pace! WTG


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