Friday, February 6, 2009


The sun is out! The temps are warm, and the wind is strong! I enjoyed the wind when it was to my back, I was sailing along! My quads seem to be perpetually sore during this training period. Even with two days of rest a week they are having a hard time recovering.
I felt better today as I ran(4.2 miles) but I kept the pace slow because the important training effect is tomorrows effort.
The first of four races I have slated before the next marathon is tomorrow morning, starting at 10:30am! Temps should be in the mid-fifties, ripe for running! I hope to get in under 51 minutes for the 10K. I will treat this race like I do my track work outs. A good warm-up, then my best effort. I plan on sucking air! Why do we do this???
I am currently reading three books. The one that's captured my main attention now is called "Speak like Churchill and Stand like Lincoln." It is a book about speech making and public speaking/persona. Excellent resource for those of us who make our living by speaking. Me!
Have a great run...hope to see you at the races (Daytona 500 is coming up!!!) Peace

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