Thursday, February 5, 2009


Today's weather is fantastic! Finally some warmth. 59 feels like a heat wave! I felt like I was dragging a load today as I was running. Sometimes you have those days. I covered 5.8 miles avg. 9:28's. Really not that bad considering where I was a year ago, but still I felt quite sluggish. I'm starving! Can't get enough food!
Saturday is race day! In order to run a sub 4 hr marathon I need some benchmarks for encouragement. This 10K race can be one. I need to run this race in at least 50:55. My plan is to get a good warm-up prior to the gun, do the first mile controlled but not too slow, then start my two by two plan I though of while I was running today. I may or may not do this but it is a thought: Set my timer on two minutes-go 5K pace-as it beeps and begins to count again I'll recover with at least marathon pace. Repeat until race is over. That would be around 10 segments. It's a thought?
Well I'm taking my Sweetheart out for dinner, then over to visit with some good friends for the rest of the evening. I'm going to eat everything in sight!
Hope you had a good run! Peace

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Donald said...

The segment strategy might be hard to maintain until the end - might be better to just keep a steady, manageably uncomfortable pace the whole way.

Good luck with the race!


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