Monday, February 23, 2009

Depletion Run

An interesting run today. I know I belly ache about the weather all the time, but it's getting to me! Overcast, windy and cool today. I want warmth!!!
I decided on an out and back long run without any fluid or food intake during the course. I ran real good until about 14 miles then my body toasted. I pushed on in at a very lethargic pace, actually survival pace, if you know what I mean, and now I'm taking fluids and carbs in mass quantities.
18.0 miles in 3:06.16. I look forward to an entire day of rest tomorrow. I'm planning on racing this coming Saturday. The Marathon is getting closer and I'm starting to wonder about breaking four hours? Do I have enough long runs? Enough miles? Enough marathon pace runs? Every indicator says I ought to be able to bust four hours? We will see....peace!

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