Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The signs of Spring....Robins building nests, Geese flying North, it's close I can feel it!Amazing recovery for me from the 18 miler Monday. I was really sore and concerned about a particular problem that's been plaguing me but today the body felt great! I ran strong and had to restrain the pace. I ran 6.1 in 54:40. The first task of a Leader is to "define the current reality." Today all the signs point to a body that is beginning to adapt to the training imposed. A year ago I could of never made this run in under an hour if I tried!

Some thoughts about how to improve conditioning:

1) medium distance runs (12-16 miles) on a more consistent basis. Making the body used to these distances. Thus the long runs won't be so daunting or damaging.

2) More diligent in core strength training-the core is crucial to your carriage!

Hope the signs are pointing to Spring in your neck of the woods! Peace


Shilingi-Moja said...

Funny you should write about Spring this morning. I just uploaded a post on my blog, Random Thoughts While Running, saying that I'm ready for a slight (very slight) warming trend.

Anonymous said...

Looks like breaking 4 hours is definitely in your reach!

Love to Run said...

Sounds like the training is coming along just according to plan. Keep up the great work.

Rmemeber to come up with a good stategy for your race now. And also make sure you have a contingency plan incase of weather or other circumstances. I am so pulling for you! I know what you are going through.


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