Thursday, February 26, 2009


Today an easy run with 10X30 second strides. Fortunately the rains held off and I got it in. I have a 5K race coming up Saturday that I'd like to use as a test to see how my training is coming along. I sure appreciate the encouragement from my blogging friends and it does help to hear your words of support and help.
6.2 miles in 1:00.02. Slower than yesterday but I'd say the striders were right up there around 6 min/per mile pace. It was about as fast as I could move this old body, yet still maintaining form. I will shoot for a 24 min 5K. The weather is expected to be cold and possible snow showers. Sounds like fun! Already over 30 miles for the week and I expect this week to be 40+ miles. I know that's not a lot but for me it is high mileage!


Love to Run said...

Good Luck in the 5K! 24 minutes is well within your reach. I would think a lot faster, depending on the course!

Shilingi-Moja said...

I realize my body is older than yours (by a whole year or so), but I don't believe I could move it at a 6 mpm pace. Sounds like you're doing great.


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