Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Top Twenty

61 degrees, 61% humidity, 17 mph s.w.wind-absolutly perfect! Today was the best twenty miler I've ever put up. I did four loops of 5.14 miles and each loop kept getting faster! 49:41, 48:27, 47:41, 46:42. Totaled 20.5 in an average pace of 9:23.
I would take a brief pit stop for fluids and checking for phone calls, then back out the door. I didn't really start hurting until about 18 miles. The feet and hips and inner thigh were done.
I'm pretty pumped about this run. Now I'm concentrating on recovering. I'm planning an easy day tomorrow followed by two easy runs then a tempo run on Saturday. I'm starting to think I can break that four hour barrier.
Some other notes-
Racing thought- Pass with authority! Doc Sheehan talks extensively about this phenomenon in racing. How sometimes we will get lulled into the pace of the person we are passing...make the pass with authority! I was hoodwinked by myself in Saturday's race because it happened to me! I had forgotten this principle! Some tips from the Doc...run up quietly, like an Indian stalking ...pass looking strong, you are fresh! Surprise and demoralize! That's good stuff!
Life-My Sweethearts parents are really beginning to fail. Tough seeing these once vibrant, active people declining and dealing with serious health issues. My Sweetheart is the baby of eight children and very close to Mom so she's really having a tough time of it.
Thanks for listening! Peace

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