Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wet Wednesday

Tornado alley is where I live! In '04 a tornado tore through my neighborhood. It was really a scary experience. One person was killed. Last night we only sustained some wind damage and no one was hurt. I slept through the whole thing!~! I was exhausted from the long run, I guess. Today the soreness is dissipating, I am recovering well. The lower abdomen is still giving me grief but this soreness eases as well.
Running formula this week- Long run 20 miles-two easy runs of 5-6 miles-Thurs and Fri-a 10K tempo run Saturday. Probably an easy walk today. Lots of work to do today, meeting with folks, life is good! I read in the paper today (sounds like a Beatles song) one of my high school runnin' buddies died Sunday. Funny how life goes. In your twenties you check the paper for the marriage licenses , thirties-birth announcements-fifties-death notices!
I say-"Keep on truckin'" Peace!

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Frayed Laces said...

Sorry to hear about your old friend. I find news that like always throws me for a loop


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