Thursday, February 12, 2009

What's Up???

Took a whole day off yesterday to rest and recover from the 20 miler. Today I had in mind an easy run. The weather was so perfect (61, sunny, no wind) the body decided to cruise. 45:41 for the 5.1 miles so that's sub nine's! Man, that's fast for me??
The body is still sore in places, and the quads were grumbling a little as I finished, so I'm kind of surprised by the pace.
I would like to increase mileage tomorrow to six and Saturday to seven. That'll total the week at 38+ miles. I look to still have a tempo run Saturday depending on how the body feels.
I have a speaking engagement tonight at MSU. I love College kids. I enjoy their company and love to inspire them to fulfill their dreams.
Hope you have a great run! As my Sophomore in college son says-Peace

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