Saturday, February 14, 2009

Good weak?

The weather took a turn for the better. Sunny, light wind, 47 degrees. Good running weather! My body is still not recovering like I'd hope it would. I'm sore in the quads and groin, but not so bad I can't run.
I did a two mile warm up then three miles tempo run. I nearly maintained 15K pace, so I'm feeling okay about the work out. Totaled 5.7 miles, finishing the week at around 38 miles.

I've decided on next weeks schedule-
Mon- 12.4 hills-and pace
Tues-4 easy-
Wed- 5 recovery-10X100 strides
Thurs-6 easy
Fri- 7-track work-out-probably yassos
Sat-10K easy- total potential-40+ miles. Then the following week will be a rest week. Although I will race on Saturday.

I'm taking the Sweetheart out for fine dining tonight. This is our 29th Valentines day together!
I wonder how she has put up with me all these years? I definitely married out of my league! She is way to good for me! I'm the most blessed guy in the world!


Min. Brenda Brown said...

I am a new runner and after 2 months I tore a ligament in my knee. I am going to begin running again. I have been told to run on grass to help to decrease injuries.
Also I want find the best running shoe. "Please Help"

Mark said...

Sure, I am sorry about your injury and a torn ligament is certainly a serious issue.
If you can run on softer surfaces great. However this is not usually the case.
I suggest a couple of things-
1) Start slow! Do easy jogging and walking as your knee can adapt and get stronger
2) Do exercises that will strengthen you knee. These will be excercises that strengthen the shin and the quads also. Do these excercises faithfully and forever!
Google Dr. Sheehans Magic Six.
3) You must have a good shoe! I am a believer in Asics Kayanos. They are expensive but a great shoe for a beginning runner.
You can go online to Runners world and read reviews, you can visit your local running store and try on and try out these shoes.
Again, if you can run on softer surfaces great, yet often it is not realistic. You will have to, at times, run on sidewalks, streets, etc. So mix your first six weeks with walking and jogging-Example- 2min walk-1min jog- for 20 min.
Good luck and thanks for stopping by!


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