Thursday, February 19, 2009


Today, despite the wicked North wind and cold...brrrrr! I ran. I think I'm fighting some type of mid training funk? The body is in a state of persistent soreness. The will is about to buckle because the weather is unceasing in its chill. The air of doubt is haunting me as I run..." you can't break four hours if you feel like this, why try?"...
But I realize that a step back is not a loss but often a time to recover and get a better picture of the current reality. I have improved. I am stronger and faster than a year ago. I can break four!
7.5 miles today in 1:12.57 or 9:44's. I held back because I'm going to the track manana.
It is necessary to do repeats. I have fun at the track! I used to have a good runnin' buddy that would go with me. Man he is fast! He BQ'd when it wasn't cool. I sure miss him. He was a great running mentor to me. He kinda' checked out after his son was killed in a car accident. I tried to stay in contact but the grief took its toll on the family. They moved in order to start anew. I wonder if he's still running?
Peace to all and hope it's warming up in your neck of the woods

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