Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Strengthening Phase

  So I'm having a little fun with this idea of training for a 5K. This week gets me to Base Camp II, or I am completing the traditional strengthening phase and beginning a building phase.
  I have put together four consecutive weeks of hill repeats and track runs with three additional easy runs. My heel is fine and all systems seem go...
   Beginning next week I will no longer be doing the hill reps but making the track workout the focus. Instead I'll make Monday a longer distance run. I will level off for one week, next week, then build in distance. By adding 10% increases each week for three weeks I should reach 27 miles a week by the end of Aug.
  All contingent on the heel with is not the primary pain spot now anyway!
  Today was the track work-out, this will have to move back to Saturday as school's starting soon. I made it by 7:15, a good warm-up then 2x800m, 1x600m, 1x400m, 1x200m, 1x100m. brief recovery between each segment. All came in at or under my hoped for 5k pace of 7:43 per mile.
  I wasn't really feeling it but plowed through anyway. I think as I now eliminate the hill reps this ought to make a difference at the track. If I was to continue in this training mode my goal race would be sometime in Oct. The next two races I have scheduled will not be goal races, but FCR's (fast continuous runs). My goal is to break 24min.
    Peace!! Stay cool! It's breaking the 100's here!


Meg said...

It's nice to hear you can work up in mileage once again...I bet you're pretty excited! Awesome job, Mark, stay tough and cool!

Marlene said...

Sounds like a great plan! Awesome job on the track. Get to know that 5K pace!

Johann said...

Good going! You are really focused and doing extremely well.

Leah B. said...

Nice track workouts! And it's also HOTTTT here! We are under a heat advisory :(
I just found your blog and look foward to following you!

lindsay said...

glad to hear the heel is moving further and further back in your mind. i am sure you are ready for it to cooperate for good already!

hills vs speedwork... hmmm, think i'd take the track. lesser of two evils to me :)


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