Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lovin' Summer

   I've noticed the pattern of the Sun, lately, it's gradually drifting back to the South and the days are getting shorter. I so love Summertime. I guess all the fond memories I have of the old neighborhood. Man we had some fun!!
  Yet time is a relentless companion! It holds for no one and makes no concessions! I've been adding minutes to my daily runs and as many of you might know I've been on a long road of recovery from my own pride and stupidity, today I found myself the furthest I'd been from the house in quite a while. I even managed a negative split! I really felt good and the heel seems to be on a continued recovery, too.
   I wonder if any of you have read Dr. Sheehan's book "Running and Being". This book made quite an impression on me in around 1984-85. I got so much out of it! Like the magic six which I still do some to this day. I encourage you to get a copy.
  So 43 minutes yesterday, 50 minutes today, I'm on track for reaching base camp II! Peace!


Tim F said...

Hi Mark,

I have not read the book, I should check it out. I enjoy summer, but I'm not a big fan of the heat.

Marlene said...

I enjoyed summer this weekend, that's for sure. But now I'm ready for October. :)

So glad you are on the mend!

Johann said...

Mmm...I've been watching the sun rise earlier here in my part of the world. Still cold in the mornings but the days are getting warmer. It's really great that you are recovering so well. I've got the book and often refer to it.


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