Monday, August 30, 2010

Phase 3 begins

  So, using my Mtn climbing analogy, I've been successful in maintaining base camp 2. Now I start the climb to base camp 3. During this 4 week period I'll increase by 10% each of the next three weeks and level off in week four. I will run one race as a race effort to gauge fitness level. That will be the Sept. 11th race.
  Each week I will incorporate Fartleks and tempo runs along with my track days. I will increase based on time not distance. I am thinking this will be beneficial in regards to injury prevention. Today for example, I ran much slower than last Monday because of the heat and humidity. So my 66 minutes today was only a little longer that last week. Tomorrow looks like a 53 minute run with 6x1min @ 5Kpace.
  Man we need rain here! The ground is brown and I'm losing trees! Hope all is well with you! Peace!


Marlene said...

Sorry to hear about the ongoing drought! Hoping you get some rain soon!

Good luck "climbing" to base camp 3!

racing dawn said...

You need some rain in a bad way! We're finally starting to cool off in my area and it's so great - not to rub it in. :) Keep climbing!

Johann said...

You are progressing very well. Keep it up! I hope you get rain soon.


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