Saturday, August 28, 2010

Track day

  Today the weather is absolutely fantastic! The bluest sky, and a very nice northern breeze, with temps in the 70's early. Feeling good I got to the track by 9:30 and had it all to myself. I think the school system is trying to keep people out as they've locked the main gate. Sad that we can't keep our facilities accessible.
  My ultimate goal for the day was 6x600 @ 3K pace. After #4 I could see I was going to drop off so I wound up doing 4x600 @ 3K, 1x200 @ 90%, 1x400 @ 10K. On the last repeat, the 400,  I finally felt it in my legs and I consider this a great workout. I meet my desired times for the 600's and reached 24.14 miles for the week. Here are the times on the 600's- 2:41, 2:40, 2:47, 2:46- my goal was 2:45's. A 47 sec 200 which Garmin says was a 5:56 mile/pace, and a 2:01 400. Total D for the day 4.6 miles.
  There were at least four 5K races in the area today, but I resisted and had some real quality training. Next week I plan on trying to increase by 10% to 26-27 miles. Next race? September 11th right here in my town!
 Hope you have a great day! Peace!!


Doug said...

Good speed work. You could feel that you weren't going to be able to continue running at that speed, so you made the decision to run a few shorter ones. Good job by not quitting!

Johann said...

Great workout with fantastic discipline. I would have opted for one of the 5k races.

lindsay said...

i probably would have ran a 5k as well and called it a quality workout, just not quite intervals, more like a tempo run.

hate when schools lock their tracks, but i know they are just trying to keep out hoodlums. too bad there isn't a system for us proper adults!

Marlene said...

Great job on the track workout! Nice splits all around. You will be in good shape for Sep 11th!


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