Thursday, August 26, 2010

An unbreakable law

What law could be unbreakable? It's a law that transcends the physical and spiritual realm. Often you'll hear it stated like this..." What goes around comes around!"  It's the law of "sowing and reaping".
  Today with the cooler weather I reaped hot weather training! I ran 6.1 miles in 60 minutes with three of the miles at or near MP (9:09's). It was another good day on the roads!
  So I'm at 19.55 miles for the week with only one training day left. Saturday track day!! I have already decided my plan for Saturday, 600's! Do you remember the 600 yard dash you did in elementary school? I think 600's at 3K pace with as many reps as I can do up to say 6? 6x600 with a 3 min recovery @ 3K pace.
  Also, after this 5K training program, and attaining my goal of sub 24, I will launch into a 10K program for the next goal. I see a pattern developing?!
  May not get to golf tomorrow but will rest! I put in six in a row!!! Peace


Marlene said...

Great that you noticed the benefits from all that hot weather training. Nice run!!

Enjoy those 600's!

Jamie said...

It's so nice when it cools off and you can reap the benefits of hot weather training. Nice job on the run!

Love to Run said...

I used to run the 600 meter dash in college in the indoor meets all the time. I even placed in the conference meet one year. Ah, the good ole days when I was fast.

Hope it goes well.

Johann said...

Hard work and perseverance always pays off later. The same goes for toughing it out in the heat. Well done!

Jill said...

I DO remember the 600 yard dash, funny!! You're doing a great job, Mark!! Enjoy these cooler temps (well, we're having record highs in Denver, ugh) - may your running legs thrive!!


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