Friday, August 20, 2010

Drought brings death!

  We are hurting terribly for rain! My trees are dying for lack of rain! Even hauling water can't save them!! Today I noticed three more are dying and once they start there is no stopping the death process....sad! This is the reason why I've planted so many yet I still am saddened by the little sapling losing it's fight.
  I am already planning on my tree order for next year and my plans for replanting.
  Right now there are big dark clouds to the south...please, please, please...we need rain!
  I put 51:16 TOR today. My overall pace seems to be quickening and all in all I'm staying healthy. Well it's off to Branson and shopping then dinner. We've been enjoying our mini-vacation! Peace!


Marlene said...

Sorry to hear that! I hope you (and your trees!) get the rain you need.

Jill said...

Doing a little race dance for you and your trees...and for my backyard!!!

lindsay said...

i'm sad about the trees :( i am all for greenery! i am dancing hard with jill! we've been getting huge afternoon t-storms here, so i'll try to send one your way.

jel said...

me too sorry to hear about your trees,

hope ya had a good trip to Branson,


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