Monday, August 9, 2010

Structured Fartleks

  We runners know about Fartleks, or speedplay, I like to have a structure to mine...I guess because I'm strange that way. I pick a starting point and run for a prescribed distance @  a desired pace.
   Today it was 1/10th mile @ mile pace (7:15's). I did six of 'em. It could really be called road intervals but I made it play, too. No more Hill reps during this training program!!
  Anyway, it's back to the "dog days" around here. The heat is on and I was out later this morn so I toasted pretty good. I am looking forward to Saturday, it's been nine months since I've been in a race, I have no aspirations! I look forward to seeing some friends, getting back in the feel of a race, and doing a Fast Continuous Run (FCR). Since I have no real real long runs....very little speed work....and still carrying 4 extra lbs I don't hold out any big dreams of busting 24 this Saturday. I do think I could break 26...I should hope so!?
  I really enjoy training....just a note of encouragement to all you young'uns out there; the older body still responds to training. Just take care to not get overweight guys(reduces testosterone), so 44:27 in time today, 99 degree heat index...I'm alive!! Peace!


Marlene said...

I like to structure my fartleks too! I need a set plan in order to go for it so I'll usually do that last tenth of every kilometre. Great minds think alike!

Johann said...

The last time I did fartleks was for cross country at school. I've settled into being an ultra runner...even during my short runs. You're right about the weight. Stay thin people.

lindsay said...

i used to be very needy of my structure but i've loosened up lately. nothing wrong with either method! i usually like having a way to measure improvement from one week to another.


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