Sunday, August 22, 2010


  Have you ever had an encounter with the dreaded Red Wasp? Vicious little devils! I've learned how to kill them with my bare hands!! One day as I was planting one of my trees I was being harassed by one of these red marauders, I'd had enough so I lined up my attack and slapped my hands together with him in between! He fell dead and I sustained no injury, yet sometimes these guys aren't dead! The will somehow come back to life! They are really tough critters!
  Today I was like the red wasp that's coming back to life....I rebounded with a strong four miler and finished this week ( I go from Monday through Sunday) with 24.15 miles!!! Week 2 of Base Camp 2 is completed!
  Next week I will increase distance by 10%, aiming for 26+ miles. Peace!!

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Johann said...

Well done with another great week! You are doing everything right and will reap the reward in the end. We have similar wasps here in SA and I've had many encounters, some very painful.


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