Wednesday, August 18, 2010


  I played 27 holes yesterday, carrying my bag! Shot a 76 on the first 18. Today, played cart golf and stunk it up horribly!! I was embarrassed! Such is golf!!! The course was tougher than I'm used to, but you should still be able to adapt. Regardless, I had fun!
   The heat is back on and I enjoyed a run in it after the round of golf. I really felt strong. My heel is good and my strength is building. I am encouraged! 38:40 TOR.
  Sandy is off the next two days, but I should still be able to achieve my goal of around 23 miles. We are gonna hang out and enjoy one anothers company! Have a great day!! Peace!


Marlene said...

Sounds like a good day golfing!

Enjoy the tie with your darling.

Jill said...

Is 76 a good score? I have no idea. I know if I had to play 18 holes of golf, I'd be there for 48 hours.

Johann said...

Enjoy the time, you need it!

Mark said...

Yes, Jilly, 76 is a good score for an amatuer. You'd be surprised how quickly you could learn...:)

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