Friday, January 2, 2009

Day Two

Wow! I must of had some bad shrimp last night! I had a series of nightmares that made sleeping a workout! I'm glad I woke up this morning!

My son's girlfriend, Katie, made us an awesome dinner last night. She's from New Orleans area and man can she cook!! The shrimp was fantastic!

The day looks to be very nice weather-wise, so I plan on driving to the track at MSU and doing speed work. I decided against 400 repeats, I may do a Yasso work-out, but I'm thinking about longer intervals, say 1200's? I want to improve speed,VO2 max, lactic threshold, etc. So I'm still devising my plan as I type. Any suggestions are appreciated! The idea is to train my body to run 8:52 pace for 26.2 miles! Well off to the races! Peace!

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