Friday, January 2, 2009

Track day

MSU Tracksters

Even though it is Winter break the MSU track team, at least part of it, is still in town and working out. I arrived to the track as they were setting up hurdles. I asked if they cared about me running and they replied no! I think the majority of the runners there today are from Africa, I know the 5000 meter runner is from Kenya, and I could not understand them as I overheard their conversations. They were all very kind. One thing I know for sure, this team can flat out run! One young man was practicing his 200 and it was a sight to behold! Talk about the marvel of the running body! This guy was flying! Here I was! This old slow fart! What a contrast! My plodding and his soaring!
Anyway, I decided to do a continuous effort. I would push every other 400 and on the resting 400 try to hold marathon pace (8:52) which is 2:13 per loop.
Not a bad idea but not easy either. I ran a total of 20 laps, the resting laps began to get slower than marathon pace after the third one. The push laps were pretty consistent, 2.10, 2.01, 2.01, 2.03, 2.05, 2.03, 2.00, 2.01, 1.57, 1.58. The entire run took 44:22.50. Surprisingly that's an 8:52 avg! So this is an effective workout! This will be called "The MP 400 push"
I definitely reached my LT and I really believed I made gains today. I am already tweaking this workout. I was thinking eventually I will do 800's push and 400 MP. But first I need to be able to hold MP (marathon pace) the whole way. So I will try this workout again next week.

I was watching the girls do the hurdles, man what athletes! Such strength and beauty. I enjoyed the time on the track today. At one time I pretended like I was going to hurdle and they all got a kick out of that. As I was leaving I wished them a good year and complemented a young lady as to how good she looked, she was running 200's. She said I looked good, too! Made my day! Still I could stand to lose at least seven more pounds! Totaled 6.1 miles. Hope your run is good.

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