Thursday, January 15, 2009

Robot Run

The temps are so unreasonably cold, -1 windchill, I opted for the treadmill. It's funny to think that back in the old days, (before I had a treadmill) on days like this, I would jog around the house...indoors!! Sandy though I was crazy! Still does. Anyway, it took me a while to warm-up today but I settled in at 6.3 mph at 1.0 incline. Equivalent to 9:26's. I felt like I could go much faster but I didn't want to blow tomorrows track work-out. Although I did several pick-ups to 7 mph. What I did was play! I like to have fun. So, since I was on a mechanical devise that is basically very precise I decided to work on my running economy. To become very precise, efficient, relaxed, and controlled. I actually fell into an nice rhythm and felt extremely strong, rhythmic (robotic) breathing was once every four steps.Totaled 5.0 miles in 50:30 including warm and cool. Tomorrow temps look to get into the 20's. Hope your run went well. Peace

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Love to Run said...


I have never liked to run on a treadmill. I have tried it a few times and hated it. I do run outside often in the cold (not today at -12 though). But to each their own, I have friends who do and that is great, I just can't stand it. Good thing we have the Pettit Center close by with a 443 Meter indoor track.

Frisco Fifty sounds great! I ran a bike trail marathon last fall and because of the crushed gravel trail, my legs never felt better the day after a marathon. Good Luck!


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