Friday, January 16, 2009


As I ventured to the mailbox this morning I decided it was just too cold for a speed session at the track today. -3 degrees! I will shift the weeks plan and run mile repeats on the road tomorrow. The temps are supposed to rise to the 40's.
Instead, I hit the treadmill again and ran 6.5mph/1.0 incline for 30 min. equivalent to 9:09's my minimum hoped for marathon pace. Totalled 4.9 miles in 47:56. I remembered a tip from one of Dr. Sheehan's books; run like an Indian that's sneaking up on its prey. I practiced running quietly. A couple of times I turned it up to 8mph-that's 7:30's. Felt good.
I thought I'd share with you how messed up my diet is, no wonder I can't lose this last seven lbs, nearly everyday I'll have whole wheat waffles for breakfast with a huge amount of peanut butter spread on top! Plus Mrs. Butterworth (low fat) syrup. Or pancakes with my peanut butter, or bananas and a huge glass of milk with Ovaltine mixed in.
One thing about it this diet gives me energy! I'm hoping the additional miles to come will burn the last pounds off.
Hope it's great running weather for you-Oh-on another note, I got this idea okayed by the wife last night; If anybody wants to run the Bass Pro Marathon in November we have an extra room you are welcome to use. Sandy's only concern was for your comfort. We bought the youngest son a brand new queen sized mattress for his college apt. but his mattress in his room here at home is a little worn, but clean! We'll even pick you up at the airport, cart you around, etc. I was contacted yesterday about speaking there again this year, cool! Let me know, first come first serve. It is a pretty cool Marathon. Lot's of big names, Bill Rodgers, Dick Beardsley, Jeff Galloway, all attend.
Well back to work! Peace

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