Monday, January 12, 2009


Well it is really important to make the decision on what Marathon to run! DUH! The training program hinges on this finalization. I am wanting to break four hours, therefore I'm looking for flat!That's not gonna' be possible due to time constraints, and life balance, so I have decided on the first annual "Frisco Highline Marathon." It will be hilly! I'm pretty well planned out now with some other training races along the way. Feb. 7th will be the "Polar Bear Run" which is a 10K.
I've decided to incorporate some faster than 5k speed work, consistent hill running, and of course the LSD runs (especially when the endorphins kick in).
Then in October is another first time marathon-The Route 66 "Mother Road Marathon". It winds through Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri, so for you fifty staters, you can knock off three with one run! This one will be much flatter than the Frisco. Then one month later I will return for the "Bass Pro Marathon". You ought to consider this one. It is basically flat. Great host! Cool finish line, excellent shirt, solid field of competitive runners.
Well must prepare for long run today. The temperature is warmer that predicted so that's a plus. Have a great run!

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