Monday, January 12, 2009


There's an old saying in the Ozarks "slow as molasses in Winter." That's how I ran today! I decided to run easy conversation pace for my long run today. I ran 15.6 miles and averaged 11:06 per mile. The wind was horrendous from the west-30mph gusts-
So I will try this workout in my training program-I'll call it "The molasses run". According to the experts it is very beneficial for marathon training. It figures about 2 minutes per mile slower than marathon pace. I actually felt real strong at about 10 and felt like pushing, but I held back.
Here's how my training plan is developing:

Triple Whammy runs- Hills, push pace, and distance in one run-8.5-10.4 miles
Molasses runs- increase every other week by two-up to 22-24miles-
Track days-various efforts designed to improve overall speed and stamina-Yassos-1200's, etc,
The MP 400 push is my test of improved fitness.
Recovery days-4-6 miles easy pace-at or near MP
I will take Tuesdays and Sundays off completely.

Basically it was a nasty day on the roads! At several points I wanted to quit because of the winds but I'm big on persevering. That's one thing I like about runners, especially the ones who blog, they are dedicated and tough, they are determined and focused, they inspire me!
Hope you finished yours today! peace

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Love to Run said...

Sounds like you have a good plan on your training. I have heard the benefits to running slow on long runs I just find it hard to do so. Good Luck!


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