Monday, January 26, 2009


One thing I know-the body will adapt to training. The marvel of the human body is how it adapts to specific training. Run fast, the body adapts and fast twitch muscles develop. Run slow, slow twitch muscles develop, etc, etc. I'm now in the process of training my body (old) to adapt to break four hours in the marathon. I think my will, at times is very strong, ( sometimes the will adapts faster than the body) my body is definitely capable based on recent time trials. I actually have a 10k race coming up that ought to give me additional insight and encouragement.
Today I was determined to run at conversation pace (easy conversation, not gasping) the entire distance. With 23 degrees and a strong north wind I headed out for my long run. An out and back 17.4 miler in 3:12.02. That figures in at 11:02's. Pretty slow? But the last 5 mile segment I was still breathing easy and I was sub 10's! I am very encouraged!
All I could think about when I got in the door was recover, recover! I drank my chocolate milk, ate my fig newtons, and banana, in the middle of three phone calls-back log while I was out-and stretched easy. So off tomorrow. Ice storm movin' in! Two years ago we were hit hard by an ice storm. We lost power for three days, plus we were without water, too.
Hope all is going well in your training-peace!

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Love to Run said...

I love to drink chocolate milk after a good workout. I have seen studies suggesting it is one of the best recovery drinks out there. Much better that Gatorade.


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