Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Seems like all we get in the way of Winter precip anymore is ice/sleet. What ever happened to good old fashioned snow? The rich, moist, snowball snow! The boys and I used to have some wonderful times sledding, building snow forts, and freezing our fingers. Man I miss my boys!

Today I rest completely after the long run yesterday. I am snowed over with work so I've plenty to do. Amazingly the body is not too sore from the LSD run. I am still dealing with the lower abdominal discomfort? It dissapates after a few days but never completely goes away? My self diagnosis-Currently not painful enough to stop but a concern. I now am researching strengthening exercises. Any comments or opinions are welcome! Seems like the running life is often one ailment after another. Some we can run through, some we cannot.

Hope the roads are clear and the winds calm for you-peace


Love to Run said...

We have plenty of snow up here in Wisconsin. You are more than welcome to come and get it. I have dad enough snow for the winter.

Mark said...

turns out we may get 1-3 inches tonight. I'm looking forward to running in it tomorrow. Hope it lets up up there.


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