Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wish granted

We finally had some snow! Probably 2-3 inches on top of ice and sleet. The roads were pretty rough but the sun is shinning and snow plows moving.
Every school is closed. Arkansas is without power, It's bad down there! The forecast is pretty good. Sunny skies and gradually warming temps. My speed work session is in jeopardy, though. I doubt the track will be clear by Friday.
I ran 4.9 at around 10's. Lots of folks shoveling, kids sledding, and one runner running! I love it! People drive by and give you this incredulous look-like "Ethel, what's that idiot doing?" I smile the whole way!
Seems like I recovered pretty good from the LSD run. I hope to get 5+ in tomorrow. I want to get into a race Feb. 7th. I'll have to drive about 40 miles, one way, to do it but its a biggy and I'd like to check my fitness level.
Have a good one!

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